Dan Bilzerian Joining GGPoker Causing Controversy

dan bilzerian joining ggpoker causing controversy

Dan Bilzerian, one of the most well known online personalities has joined the ranks of sponsored players with GGPoker.

The figure of his endorsement is unknown, but we’d have to imagine it was a pretty huge number.


BREAKING…@GGPoker welcomes @DanBilzerian as our brand new ambassador.

Stay tuned to all of our channels, over the next 24 hours, to find out exactly what he’ll be getting up to 😎.

There’ll be something for EVERYONE!

👇https://t.co/EPk6XrlBcH#GGPoker pic.twitter.com/Bac5bT74Oq


Beef in the Twitter Streets

His joining the team hasn’t gone without controversy, however, with a Canadian Poker streamer Vanessa Kade having this to say:

“I dunno why this has disappointed me so much. I think because the site has clearly been all about trying to be the best version of itself, I think in my mind it was the future of poker in a lot of ways.

Then this is just a huge step backwards.”

With Dan replying with simply

“Quiet hoe, nobody knows who you are”

Best known for surrounding himself with women

Whilst the internets biggest Playboy might be cool for some people, to others the way he treats women is pretty questionable.

One of his most notorious stunts that embodies his lifestyle was when he launched a naked pornstar off a roof into a pool, breaking her foot in the process.

Some people are saying that his misogynistic lifestyle should not be rewarded with sponsorships in the poker world.

On the flip side of the coin, he has a huge reach and can help market poker to a huge audience.

Another upside for poker fans is maybe we get to see what he’s made of on the poker tables. After his Joe Rogan podcast where he stated he won all his money from Poker, even though his poker skills are very questionable.

This is how you $200 Million (Definitely not from his Dad’s embezzlement scandal) constantly overplaying hands and bluffing into the nuts. I think I could teach someone to play better than this within a few hours personally.